Shelby Stephenson

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“Praise for Chapel Hill Press!

Edwina Woodbury and Luz Alva-Bullock presented my Maytle’s World, a two-act play, all in beauty and joy of a present to my mother whose life was a work of art. Every letter, photo, and font shows personal care and work. Result: the book is a work of art!

How pleased my mother would be: to see on the cover a sketch of the plankhouse my son, her grandson, etched — and to see the photo of her family there on Paul’s Hill where she lived her lifetime. Then to turn the pages into the world my mother created, as I tried to represent her with my words and her inspiration.

I thank Chapel Hill Press for its vision in seeing my manuscript as a beautiful book I can hold in my hands.

When I see the play on stage I shall be grateful again to Chapel Hill Press.”