Timothy F. Crowely

Pages: 86, paperback
Published: September 2007
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 978-1-59715-045-3

“No one can stop the flow of water once it takes direction and determination,” notes poet Timothy F. Crowley in the Foreword to his latest book, Water. The same may be said for poetry, as is obvious from this very personal and eclectic collection of Crowley’s work produced over the past 40+ years. Describing himself as “a primitive but professional working poet,” Crowley has chosen some of his favorite poems—ranging from those composed as he lay in a hospital bed to ones written to his daughters on their wedding days, to observations he penned about topics as diverse as “Inmates Working” and “Mall People”— to share with his readers.


Crowley’s passions concerning peace and tolerance, the subjects of his earlier anthologies Poets for Peace, and Immigration, Emigration, Diversity (co-authored by celebrated poet Jaki Shelton Green), are represented in this volume as well.