The Spirit II

George Edwards


Pages: 76
Published: January, 2017
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-59715-156-6

The Spirit II is a sequel to The Spirit. It contains a bit of philosophy, a bit of allegory, and a lot of weirdness.

Homo sapiens existed on Mother Earth for 150,000 years until those with no vestige of goodness were destroyed by their own evilness. Those remaining, who contained some bit of virtue, made the exodus to New Earth, leaving Mother Earth barren of humans.

After another 150,000 years, these humans returned to Mother Earth. The Spirit II tells what they found.

The lesson of The Spirit II is that there is no physical Perfect Place in the universe. Instead, it is within each of our souls. We have either the Garden of Eden or the Pit of Evil within us.

Dr. George Edwards was born in 1928 and grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He graduated from McCallie School for Boys in Chattanooga, Tennessee, graduated from Davidson College with a BA degree in Business in 1950 and joined his family’s wholesale grocery business in Rocky Mount until 1952 when he left the business for a premed year at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He received his MD degree in 1957 at UNC. He was trained in orthopaedic surgery at North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill and entered the private practice of orthopaedic surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1962, retiring July 1, 1998. He married Katherine Banks from Chattanooga in 1949. They have four children, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He began writing as a hobby in 2000. The Spirit II is his third book.

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