Jeanette Gray Finnegan Jr.

Pages: 212, perfect bound
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-1-59715-116-0

Living in the shadow of the mighty Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, miles from the village, Ellie, Luke, and Blake exist in a world of spirits, mystical wolves, and stories told by their grandfather, the keeper of the lighthouse. In this five volume series, the three children of the Jennette family travel back in time to discover the origin of their ancestors and the events that shaped the civilization of Cape Hatteras Island. Throughout the series, Islanders live as they did when only an occasional mail boat kept them connected to the rest of the world—before a bridge linked the island to the mainland, before tourists flocked to the area during the summer season, and before the government became involved in managing the land. Isolated from others, they created a life of comfort and community, one that is long lost. In each subsequent volume, the Lighthouse Kids meet the people and experience the events that gradually transformed Cape Hatteras Island to the popular resort area it is today.

In Croatoan, with their wolves as protectors, the trio is transported back to the late 1500s to live with Manteo, the son of the chief of the Croatoan Indians. Taking part in the Native American way of life, they learn to hunt for food, participate in tribal ceremonies, and even take an adventurous trip to the mainland. Through Ellie, they learn to tap into their spiritual powers, which they retain in all their future exploits and adventures.

In Legends and Lore, Ellie, Luke, and Blake continue their adventures on the island. Through the special powers gifted to them by the chief of the Croatoan Indians, the trio encounters the sea god Poseidon who introduces them to their underwater neighbors. Poseidon gives them three dolphins to help the kids explore the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Just as their wolves are land-based guardians, the dolphins protect the three from ocean predators and other dangers of the sea.

On land, the kids discover an abandoned mansion where they find relics of pirates from long ago.