Mojo Mom

Amy Tiemann, Ph.D.


Pages: 194, hardcover
Published: May 2005
Genre: Parenting
ISBN: 0-9764980-0-6

Do you miss your “old self”? Or are you too busy to think beyond the next meal or load of laundry? Becoming a Mom is a huge identity shift for most women, especially those who have left behind a career, friends, and a paycheck. Becoming a Mojo Mom means feeling that creative surge you bring yourself and your dreams back into focus. Whether you’ve been a Mom for three months or thirteen years, the challenge is to find ways to lovingly nurture yourself as well as you nurture the rest of your family. It can be done. What makes Mojo Mom different?

Mojo Mom is the first book that feels like your own voice, finally saying what it really means to be a Mom. Mojo Mom does more than just identify the challenges of motherhood; it gives you dozens of tools—ideas, activities, books, gadgets, and other quality resources—for nurturing every part of the Mojo Mom life. Enjoy!

Many parenting experts will tell you to take care of yourself, but only because it will make you a better Mom. Others make you feel like you should “get away” from your family and do your own thing to be whole again. But for most of us, neither of these solutions feels right. In choosing motherhood, we choose love, commitment, and connectedness. Mothering is a transforming passion, a deep pool we willingly dive into headfirst. What we want is not to escape but to rise to the surface again. This is not about reclaiming who we were but discovering who we are now and who we can become—and all of this amidst the daily demands, dreams, hugs, smudges, laundry, and limits of the Mojo Mom life.



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