Keep Singing

Patsy Clarke and Eloise Vaughn

Pages: 116, paperback
Published: November 2004
ISBN: 1-880849-91-7

Keep Singing is the inspiring story of Eloise Vaughn and Patsy Clarke, two women who became the unlikeliest of activists and gave a new face to the fight against bigotry and hatred. In 1995, after having each lost a son to AIDS and after failing to persuade the notoriously homophobic senator Jesse Helms to soften his antigay stance, the two women formed Mothers Against Jesse in Congress to drive him from office. Their journey would carry them from their quiet North Carolina homes to the stage of the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Their battle would put their names and faces in the pages of People magazine and The New York Times. And their lives would be changed forever, driven now by the desire that even in death their children would be given the simple human respect that is due everyone.