Humphrey Hops has High Hopes

Sam Todd Shelby with illustrations by Josh Taylor

Pages: 24
Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-1-59715-135-1

Humphrey Hops is a Southern Toad that first encountered its author, Samuel Todd Shelby (1971-2015), as he sat under his front porch light on a warm summer night, feasting on bugs that fell to the ground. These nightly visits by Mad Hops soon became the inspiration for this story. Sam had finished the text and was working on final changes to the illustrations with Josh Taylor in the last few weeks of his life. This book embodies Sam’s passion for preserving and protecting the natural environment, particularly the beautiful beaches and marshes of North Carolina. As was the author’s wish, this book has been published using the “greenest” materials and processes possible, with 100% post consumer paper manufactured Carbon Neutral Plus with 100% renewable green energy and printed with soy inks. We hope you pick up his message and follow in his eco-friendly footsteps. For future generations.