Ciao, Battista

Battista Antonio Locatelli

Pages: 120
Published: October 2015
ISBN: 9781597151078

Long-time Las Vegas resident and successful restauranteur Battista Locatelli shares his life-story in Ciao, Battista. From his childhood in Italy during World War II, to his immigration to America and pursuit of a singing career, and eventual opening of the wildly successful Battista’s Hole in the Wall near the Las Vegas strip, Battista recounts his memoirs with a blend of directness and humor, and shoots straight from the hip. Anyone with a love of American dream success stories or Las Vegas history is sure to enjoy this fast-paced read.

Battista Locatelli is best known as the successful restauranteur from Las Vegas, Nevada. But he started out as a skinny little boy growing up in a small town in Italy before the Second World War. Recorded here in his memoirs are the stories of the events and people that helped shape his life. He approached each job with initiative and determination—from making deliveries in a mule-drawn cart as a young boy, to towing logs in the Swiss mountains as a teenager, to operating farm equipment then working in a slaughterhouse in northern California, delivering hotel room service orders to celebrities in Hollywood, and driving buses in Las Vegas—and made lasting friends along the way.

In Ciao, Battista this eighty-something-year-old Italian-American man shows just what one can accomplish with common sense and hard work.